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Loafshack Wedding

February 4, 2018

Benjamin Alex Paulson

Height: 6'0"

Favorite Video Game: Varies. Mostly survival games.

Jams to: Robot music

Can't Resist: Cheesecake, even though he's lactose intolerant

With a hearty chuckle and sparkling blue eyes, Ben won Gina over. Just kidding... it was his corny jokes and crude humor. But really, who's keeping track?

Gina Rose Piscitelli

Height: 5'6"

Favorite Video Game: Tetris

Jams to: Twangy indie and Eminem

Can't Resist: Dancing. All the time. Everywhere.

Gina took a break from her 'strong independent woman who don't need no man' to say yes to a food truck date with Ben. Little did she know, they were about to make history.

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