We did it! Thanks everyone for coming and be sure to check out our #LoafShackWedding Album!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did "Loafshack" come from (and why is it your wedding hashtag)?

Long ago, before we were courageous enough for the traditional four-letter "L word," we used "loaf" as a term of endearment. One night, while dancing around in our finest attire (pajamas) to the classic B-52's song, we subbed in our ~phrase~ and it stuck.

Our humble abode is often referred to as the Loafshack, so it's only fitting we use it in our wedding hashtag.

(Also, #Bengina sounded a little too raunchy for such a classy event.)

How'd you two weirdos meet? Start dating? Decide to say "til death do us part?"

We started off as coworkers. Taboo, we know. To make matters better (or worse?) we sat next to each other. Neither party involved wanted to admit interest. We spent a while doing ~coupley~ things (like seeing movies together and going out for drinks...) when we finally decided to give it a shot.

After a year and a half of officially dating, we went on what Gina thought was a nice, normal vacation together. Ben had been scheming for months. When he popped the question, madness ensued. Gina thought he had fallen on some rocks at Mile Rock Beach in San Francisco, but alas. He was kneeling (see below). After a lot of "WHAT" and "ARE YOU JOKING" exclamations, she said yes (YAY!).

And now, we party.

What should I wear?

The dress code will be semi-formal, but please feel free to bring your dancing shoes to change into! We will be tearing up the dance floor and hope you'll join us in celebration.

What's in it for me?

Watching your favorite people get married, of course! And delicious food. And drinks. And dancing. (Lots of dancing)

My kid's on the invite!

We know we share our favorite town with a mouse and his entourage, so we couldn't deny our younger family members. If you have a child listed on your invite, please bring them along! We'll even have some chicken fingers for dinner ;)

Can I take pictures?

There will be professional photographers capturing moments throughout the day. Just don't obstruct what we're paying them to do while you snap away!