We did it! Thanks everyone for coming and be sure to check out our #LoafShackWedding Album!


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Spencer - Best Man

Spencer and I met way back over yonder, at the turn of the century one could say. My mom actually educated him and we had met while I was waiting to go home and he had snuck out of detention. We played Linnys walk about which still exists apparently… and the rest they say is shennigans…. or history.

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Dan - Groomsman

My second oldest brother and the one that I’ve spent a majority of my life hanging around. I guess we met when I started out in this game that they call life. I don’t really remember too much growing up except for the original DOOM and Total annihilation, I don’t think we ever played them together, more so fought over who got to play.

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Kyle - Groomsman

Kyle and I first met at a party and thus I knew then that we’d be the greatest of buds. Primarily due to his awesome humor and love / obsession with Star Wars. The man always knows how to make me laugh till my sides hurt and has hands down the best quips around. We've had many parties and many more laughs and will continue to do so... OKAAAAAAY!

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Raj - Groomsman

Rag and I met a few years back when we both worked in the dungeon (aka the UCF Library) we didn’t hang outside of work too much but we both loved Minecraft and would play the crap out of that on our down time (which was all the time). I’d always invite Raj to go out and hang with friends and do social things but he’d always have some excuse, and thus Raj-Mc-No-Show was born! He better show up to this...