We did it! Thanks everyone for coming and be sure to check out our #LoafShackWedding Album!


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Christa - Matron of Honor

We went from making dance videos with my dad's camcorder to standing next to each other at the aisle for your wedding, and now it's my turn. Christa is the wi-fi to my router hub and the person that keeps me grounded through it all. She's likely to have settled my nerves about a million things by the time the big day arrives, and will happily partake in math of any kind (including #weddingmath).

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Victoria - Bridesmaid

When people say "I've known ____ since I was born," rarely do they mean it literally. Victoria "Turdia" Piscitelli was the baby sister I begged for, and I'm so glad I did. We've had our fair share of sisterly spats, but there was no doubt in my mind I wanted her with me when I said "I do." Also, who else is going to sneak me pictures of cute kittens on my wedding day?

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Elise - Bridesmaid

She's been there since the awkward first flirts. Long before that, actually. Elise became my other half when we began working with each other and discovered our shared love for singing (and finishing each other's songs). She patted my head consolingly when I realized I had a workplace crush. Though we've both since moved on to big girl jobs, she remains a huge cheerleader in my life.

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Lauren - Bridesmaid

Not many people can say that they like their roommates, let alone have them in their wedding. Ben introduced me to Lauren-- his roommate at the time, when we first began dating. Not long after, she and I became amazing friends. Her warm sprit can make anyone feel welcome and at ease! She's my go-to craft buddy and always game for adventures around town.